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Unless otherwise noted, all species listed below are considered to occur, or have occurred since European settlement in the case of extinct species, regularly in Tasmania as permanent residents, summer or winter visitors, or migrants.The following codes denote certain categories of species: Non-passerines: Emus • New World quail • Pheasants • Magpie goose • Ducks, geese and swans • Grebes • Pigeons and doves • Frogmouths • Owlet-nightjars • Swifts • Storm petrels • Albatrosses • Fulmers, petrels and shearwaters • Penguins • Tropicbirds • Boobies and gannets • Darters • Cormorants • Pelicans • Bitterns, herons and egrets • Ibises and spoonbills • Hawks, kites and eagles • Caracaras and falcons • Rails, gallinules and coots • Stone-curlews • Oystercatchers • Stilts and avocets • Lapwings and plovers • Painted-snipe • Sandpipers, curlews, stints, godwits, snipes and phalaropes • Buttonquail • Skuas • Gulls and terns • Cockatoos • True parrots • Cuckoos • Typical owls • Barn owls • Kingfishers • Passerines: Lyrebirds • Fairywrens • Pardalotes • Thornbills and scrubwrens • Honeyeaters • Quail-thrushes and allies • Cuckooshrikes • Whistlers and shrike-thrushes • Woodswallows, butcherbirds, Australian magpie and currawongs • Fantails • Crows, ravens, true magpies and jays • Monarchs and magpie-lark • Australian robins • Larks • Cisticolas • Grassbirds and songlarks • White-eyes • Swallows and martins • Thrushes • Starlings • Estrildid finches • Old World sparrows • Wagtails and pipits • Finches Family: Odontophoridae The New World quails are small, plump terrestrial birds only distantly related to the quails of the Old World, but named for their similar appearance and habits. Family: Phasianidae Phasianidae consists of the pheasants and their allies.There are 98 species worldwide, with one reaching Tasmanuia.Family: Oceanitidae The storm petrels are the smallest seabirds, relatives of the petrels, feeding on planktonic crustaceans and small fish picked from the surface, typically while hovering. One species has been regularly recorded in Tasmania's waters and two more are vagrants.This value shows the amount of learning at a set standard that can count towards the TCE.You can meet this standard with a reasonably challenging two-year program of study at senior secondary level with at least 1200 hours of study in senior secondary subjects.Two species are native to Tasmania, and three commonly domesticated species are feral in King Island.Family: Anseranatidae The family contains a single species, the Magpie goose.

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Family: Procellariidae The procellariids are the main group of medium-sized "true petrels", characterised by united nostrils with medium nasal septum and a long outer functional primary flight feather.Situated in an exceptionally stunning location at the foothills of Mt Wellington, Hobart has a heritage charm mixed with a contemporary lifestyle.

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