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18-Dec-2017 20:19

In the video, a diverse mix of various 20-something LGBTQ people talk about identifying as gay while simultaneously rejecting the stereotypes that surround being gay. If don’t want to do it yourself you can also hire someone to do this for you at Envato Studio.Demo / Download / More Info Demo / Download / More Info Social Buzz Script lets you create content based social networking website.Where users can create their custom profiles post content.Demo / Download / More Info Demo / Download / More Info Datoo is a PHP-based complete dating script solution and the most easiest way to start your own dating website/Badoo clone in just few minutes!It is built from the ground up to provide datoo users with an excellent experience.It is build with laravel framework and bootstrap based modern design. Its a fully Ajax script for a fast response of every action on the script, also allowing users to videochat and keep using the site durning a videocall.Demo / Download / More Info Demo / Download / More Info Demo / Download / More Info Have you ever seen your friends sharing posts like “Where should you actually live? I have to emphasize that there is no dating sites with video calls yet, Social Match have all the features of Badoo or Twoo and also the videocall system.

As Social media platforms for the specific audience are being popular as compared to old ugly designed forums.

You can choose to either allow automatic approvement or activate new snaps from the dashboard.

Snappy also provides very clean and responsive design and it gives the users the ability to follow others users by opening the app on their phones.

Social Kit is the fastest, most secured and regularly updated Social Networking Platform.

Demo / Download / More Info Breeze social network platform allows you to setup your own professional social network within minutes. It has plenty of features and supports every modern browser.And best of all it’s fully powered with AJAX.95% of the pages are loaded, processed and displayed in many cool ways using AJAX systems Demo / Download / More Info Scops Engine – Social networking framework & platform.