C sqldatasource onupdating

03-Nov-2017 05:16

NET Questions - (C#) updating Data Grid View with a new Data Source Turning autogenerate off didn't work for me. Additional information: Index -1 does not have a value."" I started having this same exact problem when I tweaked my code some and after studying what changes brought about the error I believe that it has to do with assigning your Data Grid View. As long as you make sure that that doesn't happen, you should be fine.However that may be because I just instantiate a new datagridview object on the fly and attempt to set its datasource within the button click event of an existing form. For anyone else still struggling out there, I thought I'd make a comment in response to: "(2) When I finally got data on the screen to update, if I clicked any part of the Data Grid View, the following message box popped up: "An unhandled exception of type 'System. Figured I'd share and maybe save somebody some frustration.i just edit the list and the datagridview updates itself (never thought i'd be able to say that) Hi, I've been wrestling with the same Data Grid View problem that you mentioned for the last two days. I think we are missing part of the picture here, or at least I am - regarding events and threading scope.It's alluded to in a similar post but I didn't quite get the whole gist: .

Is there any chance you could provide the full code and I will be really greatful. You cannot use Control Parameter since the name of the Text Box for each Grid View row is different.

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