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Indeed, recently OKCupid has tried to create an atmosphere of honesty by asking all its customers to use their real names.

This received a resounding Don't Try Foisting That Bilge Upon Us from the world's loveseekers. Personally, I have a lot to thank OKCupid for, but not in the way you might think.

In its first-ever ad campaign, the dating app aims to redefine the acronym for “down to f—" and empower daters to find their own F-word. The ads feature statements like “DTFight about the president,” "DTFour Twenty," “DTFoot the bill,” “DTFall head over heels” and “DTFarmer’s market,” all with the tagline “dating deserves better.” In the world of online dating, the term "DTF" typically stands for "down to f--k." Dating app users sometimes message romantic prospects with "DTF? But not everyone on dating apps wants a casual hookup.

The vibrant — and funny — campaign is kicking off in New York City’s subway starting Jan. “More than 10 years after Ok Cupid was founded, this campaign unashamedly reconfirms what we believe: that dating deserves better,” Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Hobley said.

Because they all ensure that the "f" doesn't stand for the single-syllable, guttural expletive that most would assume.

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Next, we'll be hoping for civility and honesty in public life.Finding random strangers to date on other apps or sites can be intimidating and just horrible experiences in general, and CMB wants to solve that problem.You’d consider dating someone a friend recommends, right?Whether you are looking for someone to shag, someone to bring home to mom, or someone to date for the time being, you’ve come to the right place; we are going to discuss the best apps for each of these three relationships. Hookups are meant to be discreet and unknown to those not involved, and this app takes that to heart.

No more having to go out to bars to find a one night stand - there’s an app for that. When you first download the app, rather than requiring your Facebook or email address to create an account, you just sign up; Pure doesn’t give a rip who you are, just like the person who you’ll be hooking up with later.But, not, your mom and dad may find out on their own (if they’re single).