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It was the glimpse of New Zealand's future and raised questions about how New Zealand might looked in 20 years. Incumbency is the super power every politician craves, yet this oddly muted new Labour-led government doesn't seem to have figured out how to use it yet.This week's mini-Budget is now crucial if it wants to position itself as a truly transformational government Economics students have ‘comparative advantage’ drummed into them.So Simon Bridges thinks that they are the worst attack on democratic rights we have ever seen. The public understanding of election outcomes remains dominated by a misunderstood account of the old electoral system which was not based on proportional representation.A dislike of capitalism is something that unites the partners in the new government. One commentator said confidently that the party with the most votes should form the government.That certainly did not happen in 1911, 1928, 1978 or 1981 when the party with most votes ended up in opposition. Most scientists work within the existing paradigm – the framework of the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology commonly accepted by the discipline.The better ones keep an eye out for anomalies which require some adaptation of the paradigm.

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A time when little is said and those few words that escape are picked over with elaborate pontification and freighted with meaning they are too slender to bear.

I have friends who live in the ‘Independent Republic of Houghton Bay’.

Those outside Wellington may need to know that they live in a cove between Island Bay and Lyall Bay, with magnificent views of Cook Strait, its sea life and its shipping.

The Muldoon Government began addressing the problem with income tax reductions for some families although the total effort was small.

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One of the successes of the fourth Labour (Lange-Douglas) Government was the restructuring of the scattered environmental responsibilities of the bureaucracy into three agencies: the Ministry for the Environment, which provides policy advice (and without which there would have been no Resource Management Act which consolidated scattered law), the Department of Conservation which brought togethe In case you've been wondering, yes, I've been away for a bit.The argument is all about what those actions mean and how we should judge them. In this story, there is the good side and the bad side. An ODT column on the use of te reo in the media has put a lot of noses out of joint.

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