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Bailey and Meredith find themselves pitted against one another when both of their patients are in need of a liver transplant.Fittingly, the episode is titled "Both Sides Now," after the song written by Joni Mitchell and recorded first by Judy Collins in 1967. ​Miranda Bailey, ​is a frequent episode director for Grey's anatomy.Did you know: Justin Chambers, who plays Alex Karev, is another cast member who began his career as a model.His first major acting job was as a cast member for the daytime drama, Yet another Beatles tune, 1968's "I Saw Her Standing There," is also the title of episode 4 of season 9, in which Arizona gets her prosthetic leg after losing hers in the plane crash Did you know: the Beatles contributed eight songs that became episode titles for Grey's Anatomy? In episode 7 of season 10, ghouls, zombies, and ghostly apparitions invade the emergency room, and fittingly, the episode is named after Michael Jackson's 1982 hit song, "Thriller."Did you know: "Thriller" (the album) is the all-time best-selling album in all of popular music, selling more than 6 5 million copies In this monumental 21st episode of season 11, Derek saves two lives when he happens across a car crash, but is hit by a truck on the highway and is rushed to the hospital, where he is declared brain dead.The episode gets its title from The Fray's hit song, "How to Save a Life."Did you know: actor Patrick Dempsey, who played Derek Shephard, was first married at age 21—his bride was 48 years old.Dempsey is also an accomplished race car driver, competing in many pro-am events, including 24 Hours of La Mans.After learning about Richard's drinking problem, Derek confronts him; Izzie returns, hoping to reconcile with Alex; tensions run high for Teddy, Cristina and Owen in the aftermath of Cristina's startling confession.

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The residents of Seattle Grace and Mercy West vie for their careers as the hospital merger begins; Arizona stands by enraged Callie when Callie's father employs a priest to help convince her to date men.In episode 9, Meredith is rendered silent because her jaw has been wired shut after it was deliberately broken in order to fix injuries suffered at the hands of a violent patient.