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You, on the other hand, are nude for us." Donna's eyes were glued to Steve's dick. He tried to walk it off, but it just made it worse, causing it to bounce up and down like a jack in the box. I told him to put the end of the ruler at the base of his cock, where it meets his body, and put it along the shaft. I wanted to call my mom and tell her for Christ's sake. "I think he's finally getting the hang of it," I said. Steve got down to his boxer shorts, and we all pointed to the bulge going down the inside of his right leg. He took off the boxers, and his big schlong was in full view for us all once again. "It's getting hard." Steve's dick, once resting on his right leg, started snaking out like a fireman's hose, getting thicker and longer and inching out til it started bobbing in the air in front of him. She answered one question right - I'll give her credit for that - but her attention was drawn to Steve's oversized ding-dong. Ed here, I would get a boner and walk around in my house trying to knock things over with it," she said. "Why don't you measure that monster for us." Steve was finally starting to enjoy getting all of the attention of us ladies, and he grabbed the ruler from my desk and put on a little show for us. I wanted to tell everybody about what me and my friends were looking at. "Yeah, Steve, seriously, how does a guy with such a huge cock get dressed in the morning? Steve knew what was coming, and before we could even ask, he got up and started taking his clothes off. Probably around the same time he realized he had a third leg.

Steve did exactly as told, and found the head of his penis to extend almost exactly an inch past the end of the ruler. I never knew such a big dork could have such a, well, big dork. Chapter 3 It had been about three weeks since I had seen Mr. "Because, you wouldn't even need a pole," she said. "Did it take you all day to fit your dick inside those jeans when you were getting dressed? "He knows every time he is in front of us, he has to strip. Steve kept standing in the middle of the room, his dick right at eye level for us.

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Steve was too embarrassed and I was still in shock. I want you to pull your pants down for me." "Saona? I think that is the only way for me to forgive you for jerking off in my room. Steve came over to the side of the desk so I could see his crotch area. "I think you better take your underwear off too, to let that monster hang loose." Steve then pulled down his underwear, causing his huge penis to flop out and dangle down past his thigh. "See Saona, it is so huge it is kind of uncomfortable for me to keep it constrained all day long." "Steve, I have never seen anything like this," I said. I haven't seen any other ones this big in locker rooms or anywhere." Steve's penis was a phenomenon, a thick, heavy hunk of meat that hung halfway to his knees. " Steve was so embarrased, and I was loving being in control like this. When he came over, he comes in and was so surprised to see the three of us hotties waiting there for him, and he's like "wow, i must be the life of the party." We all let out girlish giggles. He begged me to at least remove my skirt and let him see me in my panties, but of course I said no way. The second one was the biggest, shooting out a good three feet in front of him. Chapter 4 The day after I jerked off Steve's huge dong, I woke up with a tremendous hang-over. After a few minutes of small talk, I was like "Janet, did I, you know, give Steve a hand-job? After a sigh of disbelief, she said "How could you forget something like that? It was then that I realized that this whole thing wasn't about teasing Steve anymore, it was about my infatuation with his cock.

I want to see that big dick of yours." "But, Saona, I don't -" "Steve, would you rather be known as the jerk-off guy, or Mr. He then undid his belt, pulled down his jeans, leaving an overstuffed pair of briefs to cover his private area. "Does a huge schlong feel uncomfortable when it is hanging in your pants? I could tell he did enjoy an erotic thrill of showing me his huge penis, but the manner in which he was forced to show it to me, and myself making it embarrassing for him that he was so large - that is what made him shy about it. Chapter 2 A few days ago, Steve came by to study for the afternoon, thinking it was going to be just him and I. We caught our breath for a minute, and his dick shrank down to its soft, yet huge, size of eight inches, resting on his right leg. I struggled to remember what had happened the night before, and when I did I felt kind of embarrassed. I had never seen anything like it before, and it was beginning to dominate my mind and my fantasies.

Wearing only a pair of satin black panties and a red lace bra that Kevin had bought me, I figured I better put on some more clothes in case Mr. I threw on some casual stuff, just a pair of tight white jean shorts and a tight black t-shirt. "Hi," I said in a sexy tone, happy to see him once again.

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