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After Jafari's departure from the channel, animations became much less frequent, with "Sad Hoshi" being the only official animation created during Avidan's first year on the channel.

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Hanson and Jafari hosted and produced 18 serials and 28 "one-offs" from August 2012 to June 2013, whereas Hanson and Avidan have produced 40 serials and 30 "one-offs." Guest Grumps is a spin-off of Game Grumps, in which each episode features a special guest star playing and commentating alongside the hosts.

Brawl serial to June 23, 2013 with the World Driver Championship episode.

After Jafari left Game Grumps in June 2013, the show returned with new Game Grumps host Dan Avidan, with Hollywood Squares on July 15, 2013.

Game Grumps originally premiered in July 2012, hosted by show creators Hanson and Jafari.

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Jafari co-hosted the show with Hanson until his departure from the show in June 2013.

It consists of animations of notable scenes from various Game Grumps playthrough episodes.

In this episode, "Fifty-One," Walt turns 51 years old and he requests a birthday party, in which turns out to be a somber affair.… continue reading »

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