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They declared independence at the decline of the empire in 1610 AD and tried to retain the latter’s goodwill by continuing the traditions started by them.

Raja Wadiyar, the founder of the Mysore kingdom, started the Navaratri festivities in order to celebrate his new - found freedom, and issued an order that the days be observed with piety and splendor by one and all.

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The Puranas are replete with descriptions of the Mother and her conquest of the demon Mahisa.Bengali poetry and emotional prose are replete with stories of her hardships in her ascetic husband Siva’s house. So a grand festival of worship and devotion, prayer and celebration is arranged, which goes on for five days.Devotees give Uma a warm welcome and worship her from sasthi to dasami; and on dasami she is bidden farewell with tears.In Karnataka, Navaratri, which is held at the same time as the Durga Puja in Bengal, is connected with the worship of the Divine Mother.

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Studies have shown that the worship of Mother Durga actually had their origins in Karnataka, though opinions differ.

Political, administrative, religious and social significance with the appreciation of the laity added to its grandeur.