Who is meiko dating

12-Dec-2017 15:10

By a flight of stairs, he watches as Urara Shiraishi, a girl whose grades meet no competition, heads upwards.He murmurs to himself comments about her intelligence, he decides to go past her.

Having thought about their time together, Ryu was conflicted in trying to approach the issue out of fear of rejection.

It was said that before he entered high school, he had a different hairstyle. To him, his life was a dead bore because he was unable to get along with anyone in his high school until he met Urara and the Supernatural Studies Club.

He is a former delinquent too, but even though he's a delinquent, he helps people when they're in trouble.

Ten years after graduating, he became more mature and intelligent as he learned how to better work with others.

This was shown as he obtained popularity and a good career.Following his marriage, he is shown to be happy with her and their children even being happy about his old school life In his Junior High School, he complains that he is in the same class with Ushio again. Later that year, he complains that Ushio is better at grades, height and popularity.

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